Have you tried the online wishing well yet?

Forget old & untrendy wishing wells...
See why modern brides & grooms are making the switch to online now!

Online wishing wells have now become the must have item for every wedding. Why not reduce already stressful wedding planning by using the safe, secure and foremost easiest way to get the gifts that you want.

How does it work - it's simple

  1. Register (free to setup a registry - you are not obligated in any way to use it!)
  2. Create a Wishing Well / Registry (popular items already created or create your own!)
  3. Tell Others

It's that easy!

Some key benefits:

  • People can contribute to any item that you setup but in the end you can choose how to spend it
  • Don't receive duplicate gifts and waste time returning!
  • Save more time and money - almost everything is setup for you, don't waste money on a physical wishing well!

Why are brides & grooms making the switch?

Safe & Secure

MyOnlineWishingWell.com.au does everything possible to protect your valuable wedding event contributions.

Trusted Operators

Hundreds of brides & grooms who have already setup their registries can't be wrong.

Out With The Old...

Traditional & old physical wishing wells are a thing of the past - have a modern wedding.

Flawless Record

A flawless records since the teams' inception means that your online wishing well is in professional hands.

How It Works                        

  1. Hosts create a registry (free)
    and invite guests to view a registry
  2. Guests view a registry and provide money
  3. Hosts receive money and everyone is happy
    (quick, easy, safe & secure)

Brides & Grooms

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