Isla Bank School Fundraiser.

Isla Bank Primary School is a small rural primary school in Southland, New Zealand. The school is a wonderful place for our Children to begin their education - the heart of our small rural community. In 2007 we are looking to upgrade some of our facilities.
Because we have only a small school roll, we are unable to fund raise all the money we need ourselves. We are holding community events as well, but now with technology when we appeal to the wider community to donate to our cause, we can in fact make it a global appeal.
From our community to yours, we say 'Kia Ora'. Any and all donations would be gratefully received and used in the best interests of the Isla Bank School Children. Our registry number is 3942912.
Thank You.

Thank You to for creating this wonderful site. Their assistance to us in our fund raiser for our school and our children has been invaluable.
Registry Number: 3942912
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
minivan (read more...) $30,000.00
Interactive White Board (read more...) $8,000.00
Adventure playground update (read more...) $9,000.00