James and Abby's Wedding

Hello! (all the way from OKC)

So, here's the deal.  We've been thinking pretty seriously about getting married for the last few months.  Thanksgiving was the best time--seeing as how both of our immediate families would be able to attend.  Our apologies for the short notice, but hey--we're having fun with it.  After all, weddings are supposed to be a happy time.  Yea!!!  Happy times!   

Here's an introduction to this web site.  Basically, we came to the decision that we've been doing okay with what we have--living as adults in this crazy world--and there's not a whole lot that we actually need in the way of provision, except for what we came up with down below.  Now, in keeping with tradition, we set up this site where folks could still help us get there.  We figured this is one of the easiest ways to remain fluid with the blessings from our marriage and loved ones.  So, thanks for visiting our site.  If you're able to make it, we'd love to see you at the wedding.  If not, know that our love is with you!

James & Abby

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