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"Let me first start by saying I am delighted with your site. I had searched the web for a whole day and the different websites out there offering independent wedding registries and yours was far the most trusted and respected and I can say the decision and experience was effortless.
I am delighted. I was able to quickly register our event, easily make up our site with customised gifts and photo and a little spiel to go with it. Then to be able to directly link our guests to the site via email was brilliant. And it has a guest book! And it has a count down timer for the day! Fantastic.

With such short time to have everything arranged by next weekend, your site has taken off an immense pressure for us both and now we just sit back and allow our guests to do the work, thank you.

We do very much value your support, correspondence and customer excellence and I will pass on your site details to those looking to do the same. "

Ric (Wedding)

Registry: Ric and Georgie's Wedding

"I thought the system was great! ... Overall I found everything superb."

Carmen Williams (Baby Shower / Birth Guest)

"This is a wonderful website. The person we gifted has friends from all over the world and everyone is able to be a part of her happiness. It was especially easy to use and I was extremely impressed on the promptness of your verification of our gift. "

Leroy & Diane Evans (Baby Shower / Birth Guest)

"I really really liked the experience. I found it very easy to set up and LOVE the concept. I am living in a different country and this will help make a baby shower where SO many couldn't be a part of be very involved.

The easiest part was the set up of the registry/account. I loved that you could put a picture up and write a personal message."

Dana (Baby Shower / Birth)

Registry: Dana Ackland's Virtual Baby Shower

New Zealand
"Very convenient and a good idea. Thanks for providing this site."

Debbie and Bobby Kershaw (Wedding Guest)

"I loved the fact that I could not only upload a picture with ease, but also upload pictures of specific items, and that I could download & print the registry cards ... Plus, the fact that the registry came with a sample message from us and the cards had pre-written poems was perfect for me! ... All in all, I had a great experience and will recommend your site to everyone!"

Shaun (Wedding)

Registry: Shaun Melancon and Becky Peters's Wedding Registry

United States
"Your website was a perfect means by which to give a gift that truly will assist the bride and groom. The gift will be meaningful but was also very easy to give. Not only is it a convenient means it is also safe."

Linda and Keith Smith (Wedding Guest)

"My experience with your website was wonderful. My wife and I had already been living together for two years, and really didn't need any bread makers or toaster ovens ... It felt much better than just getting checks because we didn't know what to ask for, or guests didn't know what to get us ... I fully recommend your website to anyone who wants to save up for a big item, but doesn't want to be vulgar and simply ask for cash."

DanielEpstein&BreannaBrown (Wedding)

Registry: DanielEpstein&BreannaBrown's wedding

United States
"I think the service you provide is outstanding. Your site was exceptionally easy to navigate and very user friendly. The speed with which you process for your clients is also exceptional. Thank you so much for taking time and interest in your business as well as your customers on both sides, sending and receiving."

Michael Costello (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Brad & Amy's event

United States
"I found your site really easy to use - I'm not great with computers but I had no problems using your website ... The site made it really easy for guests who weren't that familiar with the couple to buy them gifts they loved, without the necessity of visiting a department store, or the directness of giving cash at the reception ... All in all, I think you've done a great job of making a user-friendly, fun and attractive site, and I'll not hesitate to recommend it to engaged friends or use it myself (if it still exists when I finally get married!)
Thanks for making the gift-giving process easy. I think your site may have contributed to the fact that in the lead up to the wedding, my sister was the calmest bride I've ever seen - she was more excited about the great things her guests were buying her!"

Kate and Tom (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Gareth Young and Jo Woods' Wedding

"It was my first experience, but it made the gift giving super easy and in the end gets the couple what they REALLY want. No toasters."

Dale & Emily Alexander (Wedding Guest)

"I think your online gift registry is a wonderful concept. It's great for my nephew and his bride who already have almost everything they need for a house, as they've both had their own apartments / home for quite some time. Contributing toward their honeymoon is perfect."

Helen & Bob David (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Aubrey and Eric's Wedding

United States
"Your website was a hit for us and our guests. It was a fun an easy process and it was great to see the messages and gifts each day towards our big day. One guest couldn’t believe what a great idea your website was, it was easy and convenient for her as she didn’t have time to go shopping and was pleased to contribute to something we needed."

Laura (Wedding)

Registry: Laura and Guy's event

"It's very convenient, yet classy as well. The template that you provided was very helpful. Considering all of the other things that a bride has to worry and think about, this was one less thing and definitely made the process go a lot faster."

LaKeisha (Wedding)

Registry: LaKeisha and Simeon's Wedding

United States
"I found the site easy and quick to set up. I liked that we could list individual items that people could donate too, as opposed to just one fund. I liked it that you already had photos for most of the common items that we might want. That saved me looking around for pictures ... All in all, your website is a great service and one that more and more couples will want to use i imagine!"

Scott (Wedding)

Registry: Scott and Marieke's Wedding

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