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"It is a very convenient way of giving presents/money to the happy couple. In this day of everyone being short of time it took me 5 mins to do the lot. This could also be applied to 21st's, 18th's engagements etc. I would rather use this method rather than buying a present that might be returned at a cost of time to the happy couple or person."

Chris & Peter Wilson (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Colin and Kylie's Wedding

"My Fiance and I really enjoyed the simplicity and ability to customize our registry on your website... Thanks for helping us in preparation of our big day!!!!"

Kristina (Wedding)

Registry: Ryan and Kristina's BIG DAY

United States
"We think your website is a great idea and very easy to use. The step by step directions for the entire process make it simple and convenient to give gifts to our friends. I also like that you offer every payment option under the sun!"

Barry and Kai Birdsall (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Lani and Ian's Wishing Well

United States
"First, I would like to start off by saying that the most exciting feature about your website is that it is super user friendly! With never navigating through your site prior, I found every step to setting up my registry to be quick and error free, as it has step by step instructions and the question/answer section is very detailed!

I have heard nothing but raving reviews about your site from my close friends that have used your site as well and I am very excited to share your site with my family and friends as well!!!"

Kate (Wedding)

Registry: Kate and Chris's event

United States
"The website was user friendly and easy to navigate."

Manish Kher (Wedding Guest)

"I think you concept is absolutely AWESOME! It was really easy to use and navigate and I have already recommended it to a friend for their wedding registry. Will certainly keep it in mind for our too ... the site was easy to use. I think the concept is brilliant and will use it again!"

The Kordia Crew (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Robin DeLucia and Matt Regent's Wedding

"I have no issues at all with your website. It's well put together and highly user-friendly. But I really love the idea of the site ... What a wonderful idea."

Jean and Dawn (Birthday - Baby / Child Guest)

Registry: Nayah Lise Aquino's 1st Birthday!

United States
"I found the wishing well service for easy to use. The website was attractively arranged and the credit card transaction was fast. I would recommend this service to others for their events."

Anne Ratto, Fran Lopez, Rachel Perez (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Jordan & Alex's event

United States
""I think that your wishing well website is fantastic idea. It’s nice to know where putting our money towards a gift the couple really want, instead of buying something they don't want or already have. I will be sure to forward your website onto future couples and might even end up using it for my own wedding!"

Jason and Anastasia (Wedding Guest)

"It was great as I remembered about it at work but didn’t know her number; I was able to search by name and bought her a climb up the Eiffel tower. It was great.

The website is a great idea if you are unsure about what to get someone for a wedding gift"

Smellycat (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Rachel and Anthony

"I found the website easy to use and was satisfied with my experience."

Melissa and Bob Laffen (Wedding Guest)

"This seems like a really easy to use and easy to set up site. After spending a little time on it, I was able to set up a registry that lived up to my fiancé’s high tastes!! Thanks for making it so easy! I especially like the pictures of the items and the fact that we can edit all the descriptions and exact titles."

Marie (Wedding)

Registry: Marie & KP's Wedding

United States
"This was my first time ever doing something like this and I found your website very easy to use. I liked the fact that you took so many forms of payment. I also liked that you showed me how the money was broken up and allowed me to gift the entire amount that I wanted. Thank you for a pleasant experience."

Robin Lloyd (Wedding Guest)

Registry: A Honeymoon for Kim and Marvin

United States
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