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"My fiance and I are extremely happy with your website. It has proved
to be the best and most efficient way of having a registry since we are both
from differnt countries and are currently living outside of those two

It is user friendly (very easy to set a registry up!) and I love the
pictures that go along with the gift requests.

Every aspect of it is great, from the ease of use for the guests, the
optional thank you cards, the emails we receive notifying us when we have
been given a gift."


Registry: Naomi & Andy's Wedding

"I looooove your website. As you will see we've certainly made use of it!!! And the guests LOVE IT too! … Thank you for providing the tools that you do have on your website and the wishing well. It's a fabulous idea and the best option for the modern couples of today who have lived together for a while and don't need any more punch bowls or vases. The website itself allows us to keep the excitement going for months leading up to the wedding and to keep the guests informed of what's going on (or if we've forgotten to tell them anything, they can just check online)

I love it and so do our guests. You've really helped us to make an impact and our wedding invites are a hot topic of conversation."

Andrea (Wedding)

Registry: Andrea & Luke THE MUSICAL

"I was amazed at the site. Not only did it solve our problem of what to get them for the wedding, it helped fulfil their dream honeymoon as well. It's one of the things that you come by every so often and think 'Why didn't I think of that?' In my books it is brilliant. Like so many things in the computer age, it simplifies everyone’s life. Thank you for a great product."

Terry&Lori LePage (Guest)

"We found the website worked very well."

Luana & Barry (Guest)

"I found the site easy to use and have recommended it to friends."

Joel and Kristy (Guest)

Registry: Test Wedding

"we wanted to get stuff that we actually needed, not house things that we already had. Your website let us do this. We get the choice of what we want, which is nice, but it is still simple for our guests to follow ... thank you so much for making it easier and quick."

alex (Wedding)

Registry: alex davis and aimee morrison's event

United States
"I think your website is wonderful. It was the perfect way to give a thoughtful gift to my friends who are registered on your site. I love that it is quick and easy, and they can get exactly what they need."

Shelley Fugal (Wedding Guest)

"I think it's a evolving/growing concept from tradition. I was satisfied with its convenience ... my favourite part is to keep accounts open for late givers."

Kevin (Wedding)

Registry: Kevin and Natalie Carter's event

United States
"It is actually the second time I used your website and found it great!!!!!, A fun and nice way for the gift registry."

Ma (Wedding Guest)

"Yes thank you I did find the website easy to use and understand, and my fiancé and I are very excited as we currently live abroad and all our friends and family back home will surely want to give us something for our wedding and this just makes it more sense than putting a bunch of very nice gifts into storage back home :-)"

Caryn (Wedding)

Registry: Caryn and Jason's

United Kingdom
"This is the first time I've used or heard of your site and I can only say good things about it:
- easy and simple to use
- very convenient
- I can trust my money is going to the right destination
- not overwhelming at all and not a lot to read and have to worry about or end up getting confused

Thank you for following up with me. For someone who is busy with my own work and personal life, I'm grateful your site made it easy for me to provide friends with a wedding gift they really wanted without having to go to crowded malls and deal with crowded stores and parking lots."

Emily Infante and Randy Bernal (Wedding Guest)

"I think your website was user friendly. Your instructions were easy to follow, as well. My fiancé and I absolutely love the idea of your website and we're sure that our friends and family will also enjoy this creative, non-hassle service that you provide to any events."

Donna (Wedding)

Registry: Donna Isidro & Michel Schurr: Wedding Registry Wishing Well!

United States
"I found this was a great service, very smooth and a unique was to help you plan your event. One of my party members commented on the site and asked me how I found our service and expressed a wish to use the service for her event. I passed on the details. I love the fact that you can build a website into the package ... When I emailed your company regarding an enquiry, a prompt response was given, which impressed me greatly.
Thank you for the service you provided and I would have no hesitation in using your service in the future if needed."

Claudia (Birthday - Adult)

Registry: Claudia Cadette's 'Life begins at 40' Birthday Celebration !!!

United Kingdom
"I had actually never heard of your website and when I visited the site I was amazed! Being that most things are internet based now, I loved the convenience and efficiency of making my purchase. The presentation is very thoughtful and appropriate. I have spread the website around to a few friends who I know are planning weddings in the coming years, and I will definitely be using it for my wedding (whenever that may be!)"

MArk Heffernan & Michelle Dunbar (Wedding Guest)

"I thought the system was easy to use and looked great."

Hope and Pete (Wedding Guest)

Registry: Sam & Tim's Honeymoon Registry

"Being an International couple (eg. l am Aussie and my now hubbie British) we were looking for a wedding gift registry that would allow for us to receive gifts in two currencies. In our search to find what we were after we came across your website and it ticked all the boxes for us. Most significant to us was the fact that we were not required to spend hours selecting lots of house hold items we did not really need nor were we restricted to spend our gifts in 12 months which is a requirement of some travel registries. We were able to request cash in a polite way by including a poem about the honeymoon we intend to take in 2010 and guests felt confident in making their contributions as the process was simple and intuitive and each transition was confirmed with an email to both parties."

Michelle (Wedding)

Registry: Steve & Michelle's UK Wedding

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