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"I can't wait to see you at my birthday. It will be a Seasame Street theme, and yes I picked it out myself!! :o)

Catarina Comeau

 P.s.  I had my mom type this for me.. haha ;o)


Catarina (Birthday - Baby / Child)

Registry: Catarina's 2nd birthday

United States

We are looking forward to see you in February in Germany for our Wedding.

For everyone who is not able to make it, we will miss you there. We are looking forward to get together with you upon our return.


Love, Anita & Josh


Anita (Wedding)

Registry: Josh's & Anita's Wedding

United States

We are very excited about our wedding day, but it will be all the more special with you there to share it with us. Your presence is truly our most desired present. 

We have put together some suggestions for your convenience. Our wish is to start our new life together on a wonderful honeymoon that we will forever treasure. 

Looking forward to celebrating with you! 

Love Ruth and Adam



Ruth (Wedding)

Registry: Adam and Ruth's Wedding


Welcome to our Honeymoon Registry!

First of all we would like to thank every one of you for being a special part of our lives and helping us celebrate our marriage on 12th April 08.

As you know, we have set up house in Churchlands for a couple of years now so instead of the usual gift registry, if you would like to contribute something then we would be honoured if you would contribute to our honeymoon instead of a gift.

We created a list of honeymoon related items in the registry below with more information on each item which you can access by clicking on an item in the registry. Once you have found an item you would like to contribute to, you can then put some or all the money required for that gift.

Also, if you don't have a credit card, or would prefer to contribute to the honeymoon by bank internet transfer, our honeymoon account bank details are:

Account Number: 555340965
Account Name: E Roberts & J Walczak
(Please note that when using the 'internet transfer' method, please make sure you put your name in the message/reference field so we know who to thank after the wedding)

We plan to make a website with all of our wedding and honeymoon photos so you can see how special it all was!

Lots of love,
John & Emma xx


PS: If you would like to return here in future you can now visit:


John (Wedding)

Registry: Emma & John's Bridal Registry


Jennifer (Other)

Registry: ..............

United States
"As most of you know, we have been working for a while now on getting a restaurant (called Soleil Luna) started.  The idea is something we’ve talked about for a couple of years, but have really dedicated ourselves to it over the last few months.  It will be a mix of classic American breakfast and lunch combined with the inspirations of “California Cuisine,”and local, mostly organic, produce. We believe there to be a great need for this type of restaurant in our area.  Our goal is to establish a comfortable, non-pretentious atmosphere while providing great food, great service and great prices! Our friends and family have supported our dream to do this and have asked how they can help, and after we began planning our wedding, people asked where we were registered.  Since we have everything we need at home, the thought occured to us that we could combine the two. We began doing research, and found this great website.Please know that this is as much a suggestion as us registering at a department store, so if you choose not to use this, it's totally fine.We can't wait to see you all on this very special day!With Love,

Mike & Lisa


Lisa (Wedding)

Registry: Mike's & Lisa's Wedding!!!

United States
"Queridos familiares y amigos,

El mejor regalo que podemos recibir es que nos puedan acompañar a celebrar nuestra boda en Miami ya que sabemos todo lo que esto implica en viaje, tiempo y gastos... nos harian muy feliz!..."

Ana (Wedding)

Registry: Calderon-Mora

United States

Hello HS, Family and Friends, Since we are all over the place and can't all get together, Karen-30 and I, Melodie-28, have decided to throw a virtual Bridal shower for Juanita and Jeff.  Since they pretty much have everything they need, I thought it was a good idea to set up this account where you can give a gift of money, if you wish, to help them set up their new life together. Juanita wanted me to add that she doesn't want you to feel like you have to give  anything as they are just happy and feel blessed that they can share their special day with you!!


Melodie (Bridal Shower / Kitchen Tea)

Registry: Jeff & Juanita's Bridal Shower

United States

We made a commitment, some time ago,
that together through life, we were destined to go.

To save you looking, shopping and buying,
here is an idea, we hope you'll like trying!

Come to our wedding, to wish us both well,
and please make a donation, to our wishing well. 


As many of you know, we recently purchased our first house, but it's practically empty!  Any contributions we receive will be used to turn our house into a home. Smile  


Laura (Wedding)

Registry: Laura's & Kwame's Wedding

United States
"Thank you for visiting our registry site which we hope is convenient for both you and us while we figure out our bi-coastal relocations!  Please remember, your presence at our wedding would be the finest gift we possibly could hope for!

Dana & Sangita


Sangita (Wedding)

Registry: Dana & Sangita

United States
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