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We are so excited so many of you are coming to Hawaii but please don't feel that it is necessary to give us a present. Being there with us is already the finest gift we could possibly ever hope for!

However, some of you have asked us what we would like. So here's an idea to make it easier for those of you who’d like to express their feelings for us in this fashion.

Once again, please don't feel obligated to contribute a thing. Simple Congratulations, Prayers & Well Wishes would have just as much meaning.

Thank you for your love and support.

v I s


Vinna (Wedding)

Registry: Vinna & Sonny's Wedding

United States
"Many of our guests have enquired
For a gift idea to be inspired
Like many young couples today
We have most things anyway

We hope that you don’t find
Our request to be funny
But the decision is yours
To buy a present, or give money

Now you have the choice
But please do not fuss
The most important thing of all
Is that you come celebrate with us! "

Kate (Wedding Engagement)

Registry: Celebrate Kate and Michael's Engagement!



Registry: Our Wedding Registry


Hello! (all the way from OKC)

So, here's the deal.  We've been thinking pretty seriously about getting married for the last few months.  Thanksgiving was the best time--seeing as how both of our immediate families would be able to attend.  Our apologies for the short notice, but hey--we're having fun with it.  After all, weddings are supposed to be a happy time.  Yea!!!  Happy times!   

Here's an introduction to this web site.  Basically, we came to the decision that we've been doing okay with what we have--living as adults in this crazy world--and there's not a whole lot that we actually need in the way of provision, except for what we came up with down below.  Now, in keeping with tradition, we set up this site where folks could still help us get there.  We figured this is one of the easiest ways to remain fluid with the blessings from our marriage and loved ones.  So, thanks for visiting our site.  If you're able to make it, we'd love to see you at the wedding.  If not, know that our love is with you!

James & Abby


Abby (Wedding)

Registry: James and Abby's Wedding

United States

I can't wait to see you at my birthday party!

 Thank you for contributing to help save endangered species!



Sara (Birthday - Baby / Child)

Registry: Sara's event

United States

We're off to explore the world together, and a contribution towards our honeymoon registry would be a great help.  You'll be paying for priceless experiences which we promise to bore you silly with once we get back.

We might not be able to fit in every single one of these experiences, but we'll try ... if we can't, your contribution will go towards one of the others listed.

Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding!

David & Rachel


Rachel (Wedding)

Registry: David & Rachel's Wedding


To save you looking,
shopping and buying,
here is an idea, 
we hope you'll like trying!

As you know, we have already set up our home so don't need the normal saucepan set or another toaster! We have therefore created a few categories below of things we have been saving for. Please feel free to contribute to any one.

Thank you for donating to our wishing well, if you are able to make it to the wedding we look forward to seeing you, if not, we hope we will be able to catch-up with you in the UK at Christmas.

 Love Anita and Mark 


Mark (Wedding)

Registry: Mark's and Anita's Wedding


We have shared our lives for a number of years now, and already have most of the household items we need.  If you would like to give us a gift, a contribution to our wishing well would be appreciated to help us purchase some larger items and give our married life together a special start.

Our online wishing well (below) includes some items for our home as well as a few things we would love to do on our honeymoon in the Whitsundays.  After our wedding we will use the wishing well money to purchase the gifts which guests have chosen for us.

There will also be a wishing well at our reception if you would prefer to bring us a gift on the day. 

We can't wait to see you at Curzon Hall for our special day!      

Love and best wishes,

Ali & Joel


Alison (Wedding)

Registry: The wedding of Ali & Joel

"We made a commitment some time ago to share our lives. Our home is filled with most things we need, so please don't be offended by our request. We thought a mishing well would be wonderful, but only if you wish to participate. 

Our wishing well contains a list of honeymoon "experiences". The memories we share we will always treasure and knowing they were from you will bring us great pleasure. 

We will be honeymooning in Thailand in February and any contributions are very much appreciated. 

We look forward to sharing our wedding day with you.

    Claire and Steve xx

Steve (Wedding)

Registry: Claire and Steve's Honeymoon Registry



Yes, Skip will be 40, and I have set up a wishing well for any donations big or small.  As you all should know by now, this is a surprise party,and I will be giving him a surprise gift, that I will only be sharing with you. Anyone that knows Skip, knows he has always wanted to go to VEGAS, and we all know what you need in VEGAS ; BESIDES ME-HA HA-$$$.  Gifts are always welcome as well.  I will also have a gift box at the party, feel free to drop a card. The box will be in a secret location.

and don't forget shhhhhh its all a surprise

Can't wait to see you there







shelly (Birthday - Adult)

Registry: Skip's 40th birthday

United States
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