Real Interesting Online Gift Registries that will give you Ideas

There are some real registries that we think are interesting – this will give you an idea of how you can customize your registry to suit your needs.

You may also like to see some of our testimonials from people who have used or view an example of what your registry will look like.

"Hey thanks for coming to check out our 'registry'!
We know some of you may like to bring a gift to our party, but we think this is a great idea to save money being wasted on the things we already have (crockery, linen etc)
Of course gifts are much appreciated, but please don't feel obliged to give us anything.
Just honour us with your presence!"

Kate (Wedding Engagement)

Registry: Sam and Kates Engagement

New Zealand
"Welcome to our gift registry! Being in our 30's, already living together and for the most part "established," Mike and I wanted to create a registry that was both unique and useful to us. This approach is now widely used by many modern brides and grooms as a way to simplify "gift giving" for both local and international guests. It is no-muss, no-fuss and completely secure. No gift wrapping, no lugging gifts or trying to get them through airport security! We simply list the items that we would like and you contribute the amount you feel comfortable with (even if it does not fully cover the cost of the item). This avenue allows "the couple who has most everything" the opportunity to take their time to shop for the items on their list instead of making an exact decision a year out from the wedding. And it also lets guests know exactly where their money is going. Mike and I are both incredibly practical people. We know that this strays from traditional gift giving "etiquette" if you will, but have also come to the realization that if you know us well enough, you will not be offended - instead possibly intrigued (and maybe even upset that this was not around when you were married)..."

Katherin (Wedding)

Registry: The Wedding of Katherin and Michael

United States
"Melanie and Chris' Wedding"

Melanie (Wedding)

Registry: Melanie and Chris' Wedding

"Because I don't ever want to get married and I've always thought quinceaneras were lame, I don't forsee myself ever having a big, crazy fête that would traditionally require me to have a gift registry. But that doesn't mean I can't have one anyway! I will soon be celebrating what I'm calling my "veinte-cinqoanera" or "sweet twenty-five" so you should buy me stuff.

Hugs and Kisses ..."

deena (Birthday - Adult)


United States
"Your website is a unique registry.

I would recommend to everyone!

Its a fun way to get your friends and family things that they ACTUALLY want, and even better then that it saves your friends and family the hassle and time of standing in long lines."

Caryn (organising a surprise birthday for her sister Tracy)

Registry: Tracy goes to Vegas

United States
"Thanks so much for visiting our gift list...

To save you shopping,
looking and buying,
here's a new way,
we thought you'd like trying..."

Janette (Wedding)

Registry: Col & Netti's Wedding

"We would like to thank everyone for contributing to our honeymoon and a few household items for our new married life together. "

Renee (Wedding)

Registry: Marcus & Renee's Wedding

"...We thought that store registries would really limit the choice we could have and they often don't provide best value for money. We've scoured the internet across Europe and the US for exactly what we need at the best price and we've listed it on this website..."

Natalia (Wedding)

Registry: Andrew & Natalia's Wedding

United Kingdom
"...My name is Ben and i am trying to raise the funds to go on a tour of england with Auckland Under 15's soccer team..."

ben (Fundraiser)

Registry: soccer tour to england

New Zealand
"We don't expect anything.
But we know some people have expressed a wish to show their feelings for us in this fashion.
So to make it easier, here's some ideas.

Hope to see you in February.


Jonno & Dyl"

Dylan (Other)

Registry: Jonno & Dyl's Civil Partnership

United Kingdom
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