Create Your Birthday Gift Registry

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  • The gift registry gives you all the flexibility you need to tell friends and family what would help you most or would give you most pleasure.
  • People use gift registries because they appreciate the versatility they offer and the ease involved in creating a birthday registry.
  • Register for gifts with an birthday gift registry and make it easy for friends and family anywhere contributing towards the special gift you really desire.
  • The online gift registry is the ideal tool to collect contributions toward a group birthday gift.
  • When celebrating a big birthday, a gift list is the ideal way to let friends and family anywhere contribute to that really special gift.
  • When organizing an office birthday party create an gifts register. It is quick to set up and makes collecting contributions easy.
  • To get to the search registry feature on click "View a Gift Registry".

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Host your online Birthday Registry for free

  • Safe & Secure
  • Quick & Easy
  • Save Time & Money
  • FREE to setup (takes less than 5 mins)
  • Access the money before the event
  • Reduce the stress & hassle of worrying about a physical wishing well on the special day of your event
  • Have a modern event - thousands of other people have made the switch from outdated physical wishing wells
  • Easy access for everyone around the world - even overseas guests (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Save money (no need to pay to rent a physical wishing well)

Create a registry for any event now (FREE)

NOTE: if you are wanting to provide a gift for someone else, then this is not the same as the "registry number" - to provide a gift, you first need to create an account for yourself (quick, easy & free).